The Project:

Acknowledging that the Dickies brand silently stitches all that wear it together as one, creating a bond and mindset that is more than just clothes.

This Here created a day-in-the-life brand campaign featuring Dickies Skateboarding team pro skater ‘Dylan Jaeb’ as he navigates and skates his way through a city of characters, bound together through the satisfaction of hard work.
‘Made together’

‘Made in Dickies’
The campaign featured a 60 second hero campaign film, social cut-downs, alongside hero campaign imagery and stills released globally online.

Directed by Chris Gregory-Rivera

Head of Creative: @livvymoore94
Head of Production: @thomasminnock
Producer: @niamhmaac
Graphics: @mish.fishh Creative: @mairhowells
Skate Team Manager: @thejoeface
Global Sr Creative Director: @malambert

EP: Mike Mitchell, Megan Pfaffenroth
Producer: Britnee Mitchell @britmitch208
Production Supervisor: @caitlinewachs
1st AD: @maxisdone
2nd: Hank Hartnell

DOP: @igorkropotov
1st AC: @owenpatry
2nd AC: @natalie_aa
DIT: @izaacgui

VTR: Matt Hillyer
Sound Mixer: Tommy Cella 

Gaffer: @drewvalenti
BBG: @luis__18__19
Grip: Alex Lopez

Production Design: @cornepeli
Art Assist: Jake Sperling

Wardrobe Stylist:  Holly Price
Location Manager: Kevin Roberts
Photo Assist: @jolsondiaz @icy_squid @taylortgalloway
DT: Jason Wang 

Edit: Brian Raess
Color: @ethos_studio @kaitlynbattistelli

Dylan Jaeb
Mariell Guzman
Rachel LukaSavage
All “Smitty” Smith
Vincent Alvarez

Camera by:
Alexa Mini LF @arri + Supreme Radiance Primes @zeisscinematography
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