Nike Community Social Impact - Storytelling
We worked with relevant Nike community partners across six cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Johannesburg and Cape Town, to identify these untold muse stories and capture inspiring voices and imagery that can be leveraged by the community organisations themselves and the Nike brand.
We used a  three stage ethnographic and journalistic approach to connect with local Nike community partners around the world. We explored each market and their unique cultural landscapes to uncover a multitude of diverse and impactful stories and lastly, created a series of  documentary style short films that captured the voices and inspirational stories of kids, coaches and employees.
To ensure our  storytelling methods and outputs were consistent and continuous across all cities, we had a core team in place that worked alongside our local scouts for the duration of the project.
All our research findings were analysed and synthesised into creative, directional and engaging formats to create a body of film, photography and written stories ready to be delivered to Nike.
Insight and impact
We partnered with creative Diogo Lopes and editor Joe Corrie to help create over 25 muse films to bring our research to life.
We used relevant platforms to ensure each story was shared in the most engaging and efficient way to the Nike Social & Community Impact team, as well as allowing them to easily serve these stories internally to their wider Nike network.
The content has since been leveraged by community partners for their own storytelling, as well been featured on Nike’s own Made to Play website and internal story sharing platform.
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