The focus of this event was to help 50 Fast Trackers deep-dive on the various roles and career options that they could apply their skills across the digital and creative industries.

We know that understanding industry professions may be a confusing process as there is a lot of jargon around what exactly these roles are (i.e. the difference between a strategist/planner, art director/creative director, UX/UI etc). 

Set in a fireside chat format, Fast Trackers met with leading industry professionals in professions including marketing, product management, content creation, digital product design/UX,UI & graphic design, art direction, software engineering, copywriting, media planning/strategy, project management and entrepreneurship. 

Fast Trackers were able to open their eyes to professions/pathways they might have never considered, and also gained some tips and tricks on how to navigate their careers and get their foot in the door.
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